Is Your Electrical System Up to Code?

Contact a professional electrician to arrange for electrical repair services in Gaithersburg, Walkersville or Frederick, MD

Your electrical system could be a major safety hazard if it's not up to code. You're not a professional electrician, so how can you tell if you need repairs if there aren't any obvious warning signs? That's where S&M Electrical Connections, LLC comes in. We offer electrical repair services to residential and commercial clients in Gaithersburg, Walkersville or Frederick, MD and the surrounding areas.

We'll make sure the panels in your small business are compliant with safety codes. Worried about the wiring to your hot tub? We can check that too. Whatever your electrical needs are, we'll make sure to meet them. Schedule your consultation today.

Don't ignore the warning signs of electrical failure

Electrical issues could lead to minor inconveniences like outages or serious hazards like electrical fires. You shouldn't risk either possibility. You'll need electrical repair services if you notice...

  • Flickering lights
  • Burning odors
  • Tripping breakers frequently
  • Sparking or buzzing around electrical equipment

Don't leave your home or business vulnerable to the dangers of electrical issues. Connect with our professional electrician today.

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